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Veteran Osceola County Deputy Nabbed on Domestic Violence Charge, Deputies Say

St. Cloud, Fla. – A veteran Osceola County constable’s deputy was imprisoned on a domestic violence charge in St. Cloud early Saturday, deputies specified.

Osceola County constable’s deputies responded to a domestic interruption in the St. Cloud area consisting of Michael Keating, 45, around 3:15 a.m.

The Sheriff’s Office, which is performing the evaluation, mentioned Keating is suspended.

Osceola County Sheriff Russell Gibson mentioned Keating went into an argument with his live-in sweetie when the 2 returned from the bar.

Staff members who were fixing a close-by cell tower called 911 after Keating’s sweetie screamed for help.

” My other person that’s on top of the tower today specified that earlier she visited him and her face was all busted up,” mentioned the 911 callers.

According to Keating’s arrest report, his sweetie notified deputies he exploded and started punching her.

Keating notified deputies his sweetie seethed because he would not divorce his present significant other, mentioning she was the one who started striking him which he pushed her in self-defense.

The evaluation caused Keating’s arrest on a domestic battery charge, deputies mentioned.

Gibson, who helped train Keating, specified he was puzzled by the whole event.

” It makes you unwind and question, precisely what are people thinking, particularly being a competent law enforcement officer that you would find yourself in this scenario,” he mentioned.

The Sheriff’s Office mentioned Keating was scheduled into the Osceola County Jail without bail but has in fact not noted his jail scheduling information on the county website.

The Sheriff’s Office mentioned internal affairs investigators will perform an administrative evaluation to determine if Keating, who has really worked for the Sheriff’s Office for 14 years, breached any policies.

According to Sheriff’s Office records, Keating was under administrative assessment 2 times in 2016 worrying “offense of standards” and “conformance to laws.”.

Gibson mentioned amongst those assessments stemmed from previous domestic violence claims consisting of the precise very same woman in Brevard County in 2016.

Keating wasn’t apprehended because the female quit working together with the assessment, Gibson mentioned, but the Sheriff’s Office did find Keating had really breached policy in an administrative evaluation.

This is the 2nd Osceola County Sheriff’s deputy to be imprisoned on domestic violence charges in the last month.

In mid-July, Richard Ortiz, 34, was imprisoned for obviously knocking his spouse’s head versus a wall, according to his arrest report.